The girl effect

A couple of days ago we celebrated International Women´s Day… but sometimes we forget that girls come before women.

Why don’t you have a look at the videos : CLICK CLICK Think about them…

and write your opinion below?

Is it a real solution?


One Response to The girl effect

  1. Amalia Martin says:

    I`ve felt very sad when I wached this videos.
    This videos make me think about the poor girls.You know that this`s happen nowaday in your world but you are blind about it.
    In the other handI don`t know how could I help then,perhaps giving some money to differnt ONG but I think it`s not enoug to solve it.Definitely the most important and easy thing you can do it’s to tell you a lot of people about it to be awae of this and don’t forget it at tall.

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