Change of culture?

Next week we celebrate Halloween. But in Spain we’ll be on holiday, just for a change. However, in other places… click on pic

Is this a change of culture?   Is there no respect any more?                  Do children behave worse now than some years ago?


2 Responses to Change of culture?

  1. Raquel ruiz says:

    I think that is true that at the end and in a future not very far, In our country, Spain, we should change about this celebration and we start to celebrate it. We have introduce both the American things that now we unknown how to difference beteween one thing and other.

  2. Quico says:

    I saw, a few days ago, in the news, that this celebration is very old and common in Galicia and in others regions in Spain and France. I throught very interesting this information and I was suprised about this, because I was completely convinced that was an American tradition and although deep down it is an european celebration. At the end who colonized who?

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