How to find what I want

For us there are two big sections in the blog:

1. Static section: home, contact, how the blog works, my grammar, pronunciation…etc (just above what you are reading now). This section is based on links to pages of interest that could help you in your learning process. So, if you are looking for extra help outside activities we’ve done in class, click there. The LINKS section (on the right) offers you direct links to some interesting sites as well.

2- Dynamic section: ( On the right hand side of the page ). If you want to revise activities we have done in class, this is your section: the different posts we will be updating regularly. In order to help you find what we offer, you can click on the CATEGORIES ( topics: sports, school, shopping, family…)   or TAGS ( skills: reading, writing, listening, speaking, key words: halloween, eating haits…., or levels : I1/unit… : Intermediate Level 1/unit…. and I2/unit…. : Intermediate Level 2/ unit …. ).

Alternatively you could insert a word in the SEARCH section.


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