Would you say that women are more twisted than men?

Are the characters of the following video interchangeable? Could the role of the woman be played by a man…or is it simply impossible?

Write your opinion below

Thanks Abdul Karim B.


2 Responses to 808

  1. nieves sanchez sanchez says:

    I think men are more twisted that men, they always are thinking in wrong way.
    You can not to see them because then they think that you want something with them.
    Women have a lot care with do or not do when are nearly to a man.
    And sometimes if you wear some clothes that itś inusual to wear it is sure that men look a lot.

  2. Amalia Martin says:

    Absolutely not! I think men can be as twisted as women,In fact I know some men who are very very twisted,for example,when awoman says anything about other man who are not her husband.Men always think about sex.

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