Job interviews

April 28, 2011

How can you make a good first impression when it comes to job interviews?

Listen to Judi James, a body language expert, and see how much you can understand. All you have to do is compare the information she gives with the information you have on the worksheet . You can check your answers on the key provided.

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Are you a slow person?

April 7, 2011

Now we all know that Carlo Petrini started the whole business of slow food, but if you want to know more about his ideas, click on the links below and don’t forget to write your opinion on the slow movement. Which of his ideas interest you the most or the least? Is he right or wrong?

Remember also the compromise to take up one of the tips in our book for a week (  listening comprehension, unit 5a): have a bath, not a shower; go for walks everyday; forget the gym, do yoga instead; have breakfast standing up…

VIDEO 1 —-   VIDEO 2


April 3, 2011

Would you say that women are more twisted than men?

Are the characters of the following video interchangeable? Could the role of the woman be played by a man…or is it simply impossible?

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Thanks Abdul Karim B.