How to be romantic…

Take a pen and note down  some advice to impress your partner with the best ever Valentine’s card. All you have to do is  pay attention to  the following steps on how to write a love letter.  If you find it too difficult or there are some bits you can’t understand, check the written version.

By the way, what does the picture above show? What do you call this ring? Where is it common to find it?

Leave a comment below if you know any of the answers.


2 Responses to How to be romantic…

  1. nuria says:

    I agree.You should write relaxed and listening a very romantic music , Take your time and think about all things special important for both.

  2. nuria says:

    this is a wedding ring,symbol of true love.Its name is Claddagh ring”.Let love and friendship reign”.The heart=love,the hands=friendship and the crown=loyalty and fidelity.

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