Ready to relax… ready to change

Are you ready for a relaxing holiday that might change your life?

Click below ….

Would this type of holiday change your life? How? If not, what type of a  holiday would make you change your llife and why? Leave a comment below


2 Responses to Ready to relax… ready to change

  1. antonio says:

    I suggest a school trip to that Jordan spa by the Dead Sea.We can relax and practice English as well!

  2. I think ,it´s depend.If you have any problem in your skin or If you are extressed your life can be better in a place that a Jordan Spa,but I think the life changes whiht other more exciting trip ,for example when you go to some plece who people doesn´t have enoug to live.That ,make me fell badly and I think about if all of us we could to chage the world.I dreamt one day the world be´ll good to everybody

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