Does Fernando Alonso make mistakes?

November 10, 2010
F. Alonso                                                     L.  Hamilton
We’re not in a position to judge him as a driver, but we can try and find out whether he makes mistakes when he speaks English.

You’re going to listen to both Fernando Alonso  and Lewis Hamilton (pictures  above) in an interview for a TV channel. Alonso is Spanish and you should concentrate when he speaks because he might make mistakes and your job is to spot them: grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation…etc. Once you’ve spotted them, write a comment on the blog (click on  Leave a Comment below) with his mistakes. Hamilton, who is English, will be answering the same questions but when you listen to him, just answer the questions on the worksheet provided .

Click here te get worksheet and key.

Click on any of the pictures to start.

Good luck and don’t forget to write your comments with Fernando Alonso’s mistakes.